Project Background

PanoRazzi SDN BHD is a company which possess 5 years of experience on developing website. It locates at first floor of Aeon Big Kluang. It starts to operate an office in order to expand their structure of business by hiring interns and programmers. The targeted customers are international but mostly customers are from the Australia, Singapore and Europe. They develop the website according to the clients’ requirements and provide a good suggestion to them if necessary.   

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The company was started in 2012. The CEO of the company is Mr. Lam Woon Cherk who was a STPM students in physics stream. He had 4.0 pointer in STPM and was offered by National University Singapore (NUS) with full scholarship. He took computer engineering course when he studied in NUS. The major of the course is more to hardware and is totally not related to web development. He preferred .NET programming when he started to explore the field of website development. He starts self-learning C# and develop a simple eCommerce website to his family to operate an online clothing business. After that, he starts to approach to the clients who have problems on website. In the beginning of his website developing business, he is learning by doing without charges. Due to high competitive and popularity of WordPress, Mr.Lam did not choose WordPress and found a niche platform and start to explore it for developing the website which is nopCommerce. He is the Most Value Person (MVP) of nopCommerce since Mr.Lam is active to help the user of nopCommerce to solve their problem by replying their comments in the nopCommerce website. Most of the customer of panoRazzi SDN BHD are users of nopCommerce.  

In 5 years ago, nopCommerce is an open source product and it is open for developers all over the world. It integrates with eCommerce platform. It can be customized according to the user requirement. In nopCommerce, there is not only providing an eCommerce website platform but also selling plugins for the clients who have existed website and is looking for adding any special feature on the existing website. There are two examples of websites that were developed by panoRazzi SDN BHD which are skinB5 and medical scrub collection. Medical Scrub Collection is the minority of customers who requires the monthly maintenance service from panoRazzi SDN BHD although the company is not suggested to their clients for taking the maintenance service. Due to the charges on every project are depend on hours spent, they prefer their clients return to them when meeting problems. It saves cost. Medical Scrub Collection is a special project which comes with a web design wireframes and require a special features that is allow user to preview the changes of the products without clicking into the detailed page of the product. For example, the user can preview the color of the cloth before clicking into the detailed page of the cloth.

The charges of all the projects handled depends on the hour spent on the project. It means that when the project manager discuss the price with customer, she will estimate the time spent on the project and also the due date of launching to the client. However, they will announce to their client if the project could not be finished before the due date. Due to the way of calculation of the charges, panoRazzi SDN BHD meets a bottleneck in their income. For example, they charge their client is RM10 per hour and the project need 40 hours to complete it. The total price of the project will be RM400. Even the staff works for overtime, they speed up the time to complete the project, they still have overtime paid for their staff. So, Mr.Lam decided to hire more employees and provide more services to increase the income. The company does not need to provide overtime paid for staff and speed up the completion of time. Currently, panoRazzi SDN BHD is not only providing the website developing service but also increase the speed of loading of WordPress website as well as selling additional plugins that is developed in previous project to the clients. For example, 2 persons can work for the website developing, 1 person handles the problem on WordPress loading speed project and another 1 person serves for the plugin business, in the same hour spent, there is additional income earn.         


Team Structure

In the organization, there is a Chief Executive Officer(CEO) (Mr. Lam Woon Cherk), a project manager (Ms. Teo Lee Ping), 2 backend developers (Ms. Lee See Jia and Mr. Benjamin Yap), 2 frontend developers (Ms. Tan Rui Jia and Ms Moo ChoiSun) and 3 internships students (Mr. Ryan Loh, Ms. Chan Pei Jing and Mr. Yau Chen Liang).

CEO handles the business contacting with clients and pass the project to project manager. Project manager has to assign a team to complete the task. Project manager has to know what is the strengths and limitations of each member in order to finish the works in a short time. Backend developers handles the work of server side. For example, backend developers have to design the database used, scaling the application to prevent traffic jam of the website and security compliance. However, frontend developers are responsible to the client side which is the design of user interface, navigation and so on. The intern students will help to do all kind of works to increase their experience in web development area. They give assist when the developers need. The organization chart of panoRazzi is shown as below:

Figure 1 : Organization Chart of panoRazzi SDN BHD.



Literature review

According to the research paper 1, the success factors that is important to be a project manager while the working’s condition is in virtual work settings are communication rules, trust among the project team members, technical support and corporate support. Means-End Chain methodology is used in the study to find out the important factors to be successful project manager. A good project manager exists when a project is accomplished with some criteria such as submission before due date, complete all the tasks given and all the members are satisfied with the works done. When a good communication is existed in a team, the team members clearly know and understand their own responsibility. This is the reason why soft skills are also important to a project manager. Problems can be solved once meets since team members can easily communicate in the team. Next, trust is also crucial in a formation of a team. There is two categories of trust existed within a team which are the trust between project manager and team members and the trust among team members. Project manager should assign a task based on the members’ capability. When a high difficulty of task is given to a member, it means that project manager trusts the member will be able to complete the task. Simultaneously, the member should believe in project manager who assign a difficult work is not creating difficulties. Trust among team members that means members should give help to each other and believe in there is no implications within a team. Company also plays important role in producing a success project manager. There are many ways of company supports such as incentive system, rewards, tools and infrastructure and policies. There is a strong relationship between the technical support and the efficiency of the production. When project manager uses the provided tools and infrastructures, the faster the checking speed of project’s progression especially to the project which is in dispersed setting. By using the corporate support, project manager is easy to control, align and follow the task. The capability of a success project manager depends on the speed, control as well as alignment. In this paper, communication rules, trust, corporate support and technology support are focused and acts as a useful check-list for a successful accomplishment to be done.


Based on the survey 2, project team’s social capital is useful to conquer the obstacle to leaning in project-based organization. Social capital is a relationship among the people who are in a particularly society no matter in living life or working. Through social capital, the limited knowledge is improved by exchanging understanding of the obstacles and solutions to each other. However, when the knowledge is widely shared especially shared among the different organization, it increases the competitive. In order to solve this problem, the study highlights that the social capital is only existed within project-based organization which helps to bridge the intra-firm obstacles. For project-based organizations, it is difficult to achieve the continuity. Thus, with the discontinuous setting condition, social capital acts as a source of continuity. Intra-organization social capital should be implied to channel knowledge flows through projects within a project-based organization. Therefore, there is a strong link among project teams and their members who are outside of the project which is important to be a source of continuity and enhance the organization stability. Moreover, intra-organization social capital acts as a cohesion catalyst and positively affects the dimension of project performance. In this paper, project manager is encouraged to pay attention on the social capital between team members and the intra-organization colleagues outside the project. In short, knowledge management and information sharing as well as the social capital with the project teams’ infra-organization are crucial in project-based organization.       


1. Verburg, R. M., Bosch-Sijtsema, P., & Vartiainen, M. (2013). Getting it done: Critical success factors for project managers in virtual work settings. International journal of project management, 31(1), 68-79.

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